As many of you know, one of my paintings was chosen to be re-created as a mural to be placed at
Roosevelt Elementary School, here in Long Beach, Ca.

Because this is such a big endeavor, I've decided to create a page which will track its' progress from beginning to end.

Week One --
The first meeting takes place, where I have the opportunity to meet all the people involved. This happens at Gallery Blu in
Downtown Long Beach (who are also kind enough to allow the artists to use their space to create the murals).

There are 5 artists total, each doing his/her own creation. Plus the Rep. for Intertrend and the rep. for GGR - (who are making this whole thing possible). We learn that we will be creating all the murals at the gallery on wood supports of 16 ft x 8 ft.

              First order of business - Evan (from Gallery Blue) sets up all the panels so w can begin coming in to prep & paint.

We start by laying  a coat of primer on the panels.

Then we begin with color. I'm attempting to lay a gradient layer of blue into white, But it's not an easy thing to accomplish on this large of a scale. I may need to rethink this:

Had to go back and lay a lighter blue layer. ...hopefully it wil look closer to my original design when I finish.

Starting to place the flowers on the wall. Still playing with the background color.

Tomorrow (April 5th) I plan to block out all the flowers in white to prepare for our Live Paint event on Saturday.

Here is the beginning of block-out to prep for color,

and layer one of color.
It's going to take a lot of time and patience to mix & blend the colors just right. And I'm not happy with the way the flower on the end is positioned.
I think I'll have to repaint that entire panel.


Here are the other murals in process:

These two are being done by Andrew.


Here is Sienna's Mural.    And this is Jessica's.


And this is Burt's. His is 16x4.


So, today, April 7th, I have my work cut out for me. Have a lot to prep before Saturday!

April 14th - Live Paint session went wonderfully! Tons of people came through the gallery. Was great to hear all the comments from the community!

Here are the most recent photos:

Starting to get some detail work into the flowers now.  For some reason, the stem on the 1st one is not looking quite right to me. I'm not sure if it dimensions or perspective, but it just feels "off". I'll have to rethink this one. 8 days left to finish!

April 19th -
lots  of the detail work is completed.

I've placed the "before " pic here to show whats been done. I'm hoping that today I will be able to finish the main details.
Once all the lines are done, I will go back in with highlight colors (bright green, yellow, & white). Two days to go....


Okay - so, as usual, I went home that day and rethought the entire thing. Something was feeling "off".
Then it hit me - All the detail work in black : I had been painting as if I was painting a much smaller canvas.

The next day I went in and painted over all the green:


from this.........................................back to this!


And here is the Final Result:

Added clouds along the bottom as well. It was a really great experience painting this mural. Many thanks to Evan & Liza from Gallery Blu, and everyone involved in the project. Next step will be the installation at the school site. I'll keep you posted!